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The blowing of white smoke out the tail pipe is an indication you need a new Hyundai cylinder head gasket set installed on your vehicle. The white smoke is the burning of coolant in the combustion chamber coming from a blown seal in the head of your engine. When this condition is noticed on your Hyundai, you have no choice other than to replace the cylinder head gasket set on your engine. Another symptom of needing a Hyundai cylinder head gasket set is if the oil in the crankcase is foaming. This is what happens to oil when coolant is present in it. The dip stick can also be pushed out by the pressure leaking from the blow by your cylinder head gasket set is leaking on your Hyundai engine. This condition is the more dangerous of the two to your engine. The coolant can score the bearings and cause the need for entire engine rebuilt if not repaired immediately. If a Hyundai owner notices any of the above conditions when their engine is running, it is advised the immediate action be taken to correct the situation. The replacement of the cylinder head gasket set can be done at home if the owner is experienced in auto repairs, though not advisable without all of the necessary tools. The most critical portion in this repair procedure is the checking of the surfaces once the head is removed. The inspection has to be done with a straight edge so the flatness of the surfaces can be known. If this is not checked then the new cylinder head gasket set might be blown again on your engine if there is a gap that is not properly addressed. If the surface is not flat them the aid of a machine shop is required so the new gasket will remain intact once the engine is running again.