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The Kia Cylinder Head Gasket is constructed of a composite material with metal portions. This makes it capable of sealing all of the galleys that are in the joining of the heads with the engine block in your Kia engine.

The cylinder head gasket is the component on your vehicle that has to be made to not only seal coolant and oil galleys from the combustion chambers but also be designed to stay sealed even when the head and engine block expand. This expansion occurs every time the engine is running and heats up. Without the ability to remain sealed, the cylinder head gasket would blow out in a very short period of time causing your vehicle to be in desperate need of repairs.

As it is the Kia cylinder head gasket will in time fail. On most vehicles this is after at least 50,000 milers are already on the vehicle. One of the two leading symptoms of this gasket failing include when white smoke is billowing out of the tail pipe. This is when the coolant galley and combustion chamber are no longer separated and the cylinder head gasket is blown. With the coolant leaking into the combustion chamber, it is turned to steam and which is the so called white smoke that appears at the rear of the vehicle when the Kia engine is running.

The second leading symptom of a blown cylinder head gasket is when the oil in the crankcase is foaming. This is when the coolant is leaking into the oil galley through the gap in the gasket. This is the more damaging of the two since the coolant is not a good lubricant and will damage the interior engine components on your Kia if this situation is not quickly addressed.