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The sealing effectiveness of the Mazda cylinder head gasket sets is what makes it possible to join the engine block and the cylinder heads together while maintaining compression and providing oil and water jackets so that all parts of your motor can be lubricated and cooled. There is no major external symptom when a new cylinder head gasket set is required on your Mazda engine. The symptoms of a blown head gasket reveal themselves out the tail pipe and in the crank case of the engine. When the cylinder head gasket set has a leak between a water jacket and a cylinder, white smoke will be seen billowing from the exhaust pipe. The white smoke is the burning of the coolant. There is nothing a Mazda owner can do but to replace the cylinder head gasket with a new one. While this is an unfortunate condition for a vehicle to be operating under, the only permanent damage that can occur if the coolant level is maintained is the pitting of the cylinder head and engine block where the leak is occurring. If the blown Mazda cylinder head gasket set is leaking coolant into the crankcase of the engine, then immediate action is necessary to prevent damage that is occurring. The damage is from the coolant scarring the bearings of the crankshaft. When this occurs for too long, you will see signs that the engine oil is foaming. This means the engine would have to be rebuilt or replaced. The replacement of the cylinder head gasket set is a procedure most mechanics and mechanically inclined Mazda owners can perform in a day. It is not a complicated process, but it is time consuming because it requires the removal of all the accessories and emission components located on the upper portion of the engine, along with the sensors, and ultimately the intake and exhaust manifolds.