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The sealing properties of the Mercedes-Benz cylinder head gasket sets make the joining of the cylinder head to the engine block possible. This is not a simple joining of two components. The joint between the cylinder head and engine block not only seals the combustion chambers of the engine but also the water and oil jackets so these fluids can travel between the two when circulating through the engine. When a cylinder head gasket set fails, it generally is very apparent to anyone who sees the Mercedes-Benz in operation. When there is a break in the water jacket and the combustion chamber, white smoke will be billowing out of the tail pipe. This is the burning of the coolant with each stroke of the engine and is unmistakable. If the water jacket and oil jackets seal is breeched, then the engine oil will be foaming because of the presence of coolant in the oil. The replacement of the Mercedes-Benz cylinder head gasket set requires extensive knowledge of the engine and its components. There is a large amount of parts that will have to be removed to just gain access to the cylinder head gaskets. Once the head is removed from the engine block, a visual inspection of the break in the cylinder head gasket must be done. One of the things to look for includes the pitting of the surfaces where the break occurred. A flat edge should also be used to check the surfaces of both the head and the engine block. If either is warped, it will have to be resurfaced so the new cylinder head gasket set will be able to seal the two components together properly on your Mercedes-Benz.