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It is the power to seal the largest joints on your engine that makes the Mitsubishi cylinder head gasket sets unique among all of the gaskets used on your vehicle. Not only does the cylinder head gasket set have to seal in water and oil but the extreme pressure that is created in the combustion chambers on your Mitsubishi. Because of this, the gasket will have metal portions around where it seals the top of the cylinders. Because of the way engines are designed there are only three possibilities for a problem from a failing cylinder head gasket set. The first is a break from an oil jacket to a water jacket in the surface between the cylinder head and the engine block on your Mitsubishi. Symptoms of this occurring is when foaming is found in the crankcase of the oil. The coolant present in the crankcase will be causing damage to the bearings at this point. A more common indication that the cylinder head gasket is blown is when white smoke is billowing out of the tail pipe. This indicates that a water jacket seal with a combustion chamber has been breached and water is being burnt when the engine is running. This will cause pitting in the surfaces of the cylinder head and the engine block. The last occurrence of a failing cylinder head gasket set is when there is a breach between an oil jacket and the cylinder head. This is rare, but can happen occasionally. Excessive pressure will be in the crankcase which can be seen by oil being forced out of the dip stick tube on your Mitsubishi engine. If any of these symptoms are noticed, a new Mitsubishi cylinder head gasket set must be installed on your engine to reduce the amount of damage this problem will inflict on the engine components.