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The design of the Nissan cylinder head gasket sets has been engineered for the best possible sealing of the space between the head and block when the engine is operating. These parts will expand and contract due to the heat the engine produces while running. Even with the changing conditions the cylinder head gasket set experiences, it still has to maintain an effective seal so that the separation of the water and oil jackets is maintained. The pressure being produced in the combustion chambers must also be kept contained so the Nissan engine will be able to maintain compression. The most common symptom of a cylinder head gasket set failing is when white smoke is emanating from the tail pipe of the Nissan. This can only occur when there is a breach between one of the water jackets and a combustion chamber. It is this breach that allows for water to enter the combustion chamber causing it to be part of the exhaust gases as water vapor and the reason for the white smoke. The Nissan cylinder head gasket sets have also experienced a breach between the oil and water jackets. The symptom of this happening is less noticeable unless an inspection under the hood is done. When coolant is in the crankcase, the oil will have a foaming appearance. The last possibility of a cylinder head gasket set having a breach is when oil is leaking into the combustion chamber. This causes blue or gray smoke to leave the tail pipe. It also produces excessive pressure in the crankcase on your Nissan. The replacement of the cylinder head gasket set is not a simple procedure, but anyone with a mechanical aptitude and enough time can accomplish this task in a day.