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Without the Toyota cylinder head gasket sets performing their required tasks on your engine, the different fluids and compression areas will not be able to remain separated. The cylinder head gasket set is a collection of sealing components that make it possible for the heads of the engine to be successfully attached to the engine block while still keeping the oil and water galleys separated and sealed from each other along with the combustion chambers in the Toyota engine. On most Toyotas, the cylinder head gasket set will last for over 100,000 miles. If or when one of them does go bad, the symptoms are rather obvious to the owner of the Toyota and all of the drivers around them on the road. The symptoms of a blown Toyota cylinder head gasket includes the billowing of either white or blue smoke out of the tail pipe when the vehicle is being operated. The white smoke is an indication that the water jacket and compression chamber has had its seal rupture in the cylinder head gasket. The white smoke is really water vapor that is being produced by the coolant of the engine leaking into the cylinder. The blue smoke is smoke from the burning of oil in the combustion chamber when the seal of the oil galley and cylinder has been breached. In either case where the leak occurs pitting on the surfaces will happen if the situation is not corrected in a short allotment of time. There is one more symptom of a blown cylinder head gasket set. It is when the engine oil is foaming in the crank case in your Toyota engine. This is when there is breach between the water and oil galleys. The coolant will damage the bearings in the engine if this situation is not corrected immediately.