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The Volkswagen cylinder head gasket sets are made up of polymer, metal, and fibrous pulp material so the different fluids and pressure areas in the joint between the head and the engine block can be kept separated. If your engine loses its ability to maintain these separations, then the cylinder head gasket set on your Volkswagen definitely needs to be replaced. Most people have seen enough vehicles on the road to have witnessed one of them billowing out white smoke from the tail pipe. This is the most obvious symptom of a blown cylinder head gasket set. What has actually occurred is a breach in the seal between one of the cylinders and a water galley that is located nearby. This has permitted coolant to enter the cylinder. When the explosion in the cylinder occurs, the coolant is transformed to water vapor and that is the white smoke that is billowing from the tail pipe. It is actually steam that is exiting the pipe. Until the new Volkswagen cylinder head gasket set is put on the engine, this rupture in the seal will be damaging both surfaces in the breach by creating pits in them. The replacing of the cylinder head gasket set has become more complicated over time because of all the additional engine components that are now located on the top portion of the Volkswagen engines. Once they are removed, the procedure is the same as it was in the past, the cleaning and inspecting of the flat surfaces. If the pitting in the surfaces is too great either the cylinder head or block of the engine will have to be resurfaced. Then the new cylinder head gasket set can be put into place and the Volkswagen engine reassembled.