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The ability of the Volvo Cylinder Head Gasket Sets to expand and contract is why these sealing components can last for so many years on your vehicle. This is necessary so the coolant, oil and compression areas can be kept separate from one another when the Volvo engine is operating.

The cylinder head gasket sets are constructed on a composite material and metal in most instances. This provides it with the ability to make a positive seal on the many different areas on the cylinder head. Because of the constant expansion and contraction of this engine component, the cylinder head gasket set will in time fail on your engine. When this occurs there are several different symptoms as a Volvo owner you can see.

One of the most obvious indications that you need a new cylinder head gasket set is when steam is billowing out of the tail pipe. Many think this is white smoke but in actuality it is the coolant being turned to steam because of leak in the head gasket.

Coolant can also be found in the crankcase contaminating the oil. If this occurs the oil will be foaming. If this condition is not caught, the bearings will be scared since the coolant is not as good of a lubricant as the oil. This is the most dangerous of the leaking Volvo cylinder head gasket sets situations.

The replacement of the cylinder head gasket set does require the top portion of the engine to be disassembled. This is a repair that will take the better part of a day for someone who knows what they are doing. It is possible for the Volvo owner to compete this repair if they have the correct set of tools to aid them.