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Why would you need to replace your cylinder head bolts?

The cylinder head needs to be enclosed because that is where the combustion chamber is but mechanics need a way to access the insides of the head to possibly change the gaskets, the pistons or the piston rings. Since the head is removable, it needs a way to stay attached. That is where the cylinder head studs and bolts come in. The keep the cover attached to the head. The bolts are usually sturdy and long lasting but may simply break over time or become rusty. Anytime you are removing the cylinder head, it is probably a good idea to also change the cylinder head studs and bolts. A common time that this is done is when the pistons are being changed or the cylinder gasket set is being removed. They are an important part of holding the engine together.

New cylinder head bolts are extremely important.

New Cylinder Head Bolts and StudsCylinder head studs and bolts are always made out of metal and designed to take lots of heat. They often vary size, and depending on the car your engine may have anywhere from eight to twenty of them. They have always been used on production cars that had a detachable cylinder head, but of course they have been in use long before the automobile was invented. It is one of the few parts that have changed little over the years however they are usually made to be engine specific and you cannot use generic bolts to fit your car. It is important to have a detachable cylinder head so that you can service the insides of the car's engine. The parts inside the head are vital to the car's operation and they need to be replaced if they are damaged. Engine rebuilds become more common as cars age or if an engine is being completely restored back to new condition with new cylinder head studs and bolts.

D.I.Y. and check your torque specifications.

Changing the cylinder head studs and bolts is not difficult be may be best if done by a trained mechanic. See a shop manual for complete instructions. Please see the instructions below for what to expect when changing them on your car.
  • Clean off the engine as best you can, removing dirt and small pieces of debris.
  • Remove the engine cover if your vehicle has one.
  • Remove any hoses or tubes or accessory components that may be attached to the engine.
  • Remove the valve covers on top of the cylinder heads.
  • Locate the head bolts and remove them using a socket wrench. Loosen each bolt equally alternating between the sides of the car.
  • Loosen them until they can be screwed out manually and remove them from the engine. Replace the cylinder head gaskets if necessary.
  • Set the new cylinder head studs and bolts in making sure to tighten them evenly. Reconnect the equipment back to your engine to your engine.
  • Replace the engine cover.

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