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A new Chevrolet dash pad or cover will improve the appearance of the interior of your car. The original dash pad will last for many years on your Chevrolet but after constant exposure to the sun's damaging rays and what the occupants do to it will cause it to wear, crack and make replacement preferred by the owner of the car. A replacement Chevrolet dash pad and cover available today will be made to the same specifications as the original equipment. They are constructed from a plastic mold, urethane mold, or foam core wrapped in vinyl depending on what model you have. The dis-assembly and reassembly of the dash pad in your Chevrolet is described in a repair manual available at your local auto parts store. Remember all of the metal and wooden components on the dashboard that you take off will have to be reattached for your dash pad to look like the original; so do not force any of them off or break them in this replacement process. If that process sounds like something you cannot or do not what to undertake, then instead of replacing the dash pad assembly on your Chevrolet, you can simply install a plastic dash top cover. This is made of a 1/16" thick polymer that will adhere directly to the existing dash and molded to fit all of the corners. When applied correctly, it will make the appearance in the interior of your car to be like new. The biggest difference between the two processes when both are completed correctly is the time required. The cover will only take about an hour or two while replacing the entire dashboard could take an entire day or more depending on the model you have.