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Aftermarket & OEM Differential & Gear Oil

A huge portion of preventive maintenance on a car or truck is maintaining the appropriate lubrication of all of its components and gear oil is an essential part of this process. Over time the lubrication properties of this product will break down and it must be changed on a regular basis. Manual transmissions and differential assemblies require this fluid to prevent premature wear of their internal components. If the level and condition of this product is not appropriately monitored then it will result in extensive repair requirements that are very costly as well. Differential and gear oil is very easy to change and moderately priced compared to replacing a manual transmission or a deferential ring and pinion gears or axles.

Differential and gear oil is specially formulated to appropriately lubricate the internal components within a manual transmission or a deferential assembly. Gear oil is also vital to protect the components within the transfer case on four wheel drive vehicles. This product is designed to cool and lubricate gears to extend the lifespan of these devices. The higher viscosity is required to prevent premature break down and appropriately coat all the internal gears. In most applications the product is 75-90 weight; but you should always consult the specific technical data for the car, truck, or SUV and only used the recommended lubricant.