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A differential ring and pinion is two gear-like pieces that are mounted inside your vehicle's differential. They are basically the starting point for the movement entering the differential. Stock ones that are installed from the factory are designed for very light use and will last a long time on a daily driver vehicle. For more performance-oriented applications, a more durable set is required to withstand the torque from the engine. Eventually, these pieces will wear out and if they're not replaced, they can cause severe damage to the differential and other drive linkage components. The differential ring and pinion are integral to the function of the differential. It starts with the rotation of the drive shaft coming from the transmission. That motion is transferred to the pinion. The slots on the pinion align with the outer ring which turns two smaller gears that are connected to two different axles, left and right. The purpose of this setup is to allow the wheels to rotate at different speeds when the vehicle turns. During a turn, the outside wheel is going to rotate faster than the inside wheel. The faster the outside wheel spins, the slower the inside wheels spins by the same amount, thus the motion of the drive shaft is always split between the wheels equally. For some applications, usually performance cars and some trucks, there are different size ring and pinion sets available. A numerically lower ratio number set is going to provide a higher top speed, but lower acceleration while a numerically higher ratio number set is going to provide faster acceleration (and less mpg), but at the cost of a lower top speed. If you need to replace the differential ring and pinion in your vehicle, look no further than Car Parts Discount. We carry a selection of ring and pinion sets for a variety of vehicles at the lowest possible prices.