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Aftermarket & OEM Disc Brake Caliper Bushing

It's not very often that your brake calipers need to be replaced, but when that time comes it is important to use all new brake caliper bushings, bolts, and other hardware. Usually, the reason anyone would need to change their calipers would be because of physical damage to the caliper or its seals. Aside from the pistons seizing or not working anymore, there are two main concerns. Rust, every car's enemy, can ravage the caliper over time if left unattended or unnoticed. That means that the caliper, bracket, and fasteners will be bad. A collision could also possibly damage the caliper and the hardware that connects it to the wheel carrier. Either one of these would require the driver to consider replacing the disc brake caliper bushings along with the other hardware. Without new bushings, it is very likely that the metal to metal contact between the bolts and the mounting bracket would develop rust and wear due to the lack of protection these rubber components provide.

Disc brakes have been a monumental improvement in automotive engineering, and have been astronomically effective in raising the level of driver safety to what we currently enjoy today. The part that does all the dirty work in this braking system is the caliper. It is mounted to a bracket on the wheel carrier or spindle, and it envelops a portion of the disc brake rotor. A piston on the inside is actuated due to hydraulic pressure from a master cylinder, and squeezes a set of friction pads to each side of the rotor. The caliper needs to be mounted securely to the wheel carrier in order for it to do its job properly, and without a good set of brake caliper bushings protecting the bolts from environmental damage and wear from use then the caliper could come loose.

If you have changed your caliper, then you have seen the brake caliper bushings. They are black rubber boots that surround the bracket on the inside and outside of the hole that the bolts pass through. This prevents water from getting into that hole on the bracket and rusting it away from the inside. Clearly, you will need quality replacement disc brake caliper bushings when you replace the calipers on your car. Car Parts Discount has premium grade mounting hardware for all your brake parts, and the prices are unbelievably low. So when you are working on your car, come to the CPD site and save.