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Aftermarket & OEM Disc Brake Caliper Piston

The brake system on your vehicle must function correctly to insure your safety and a defective disc brake caliper piston will hinder its operation. This device actuates the braking function and is an essential brake system component. When you apply the brake and your car, truck or SUV pulls to the left or right this is an indication that only one caliper is functioning. Defective caliper pistons will stick in the housing assembly and they may cause the brakes to be constantly encaged damaging other brake system components. This situation creates excessive brake pad wear and can result in metal to metal contact with the disc brake rotor damaging this component as well. A minor brake system malfunction will create a chain reaction part by part and it won't stop until properly corrected. Rear caliper malfunctions are a little harder to detect then the front and they need to be inspected on a regular basis to check pad wear and identify possible issues. On a dual piston design uneven pad wear is an indication that only one of the pistons is not function correctly. Brake caliper defects and all brake system repairs are vital to safe vehicle operation and must be corrected immediately.

Brake caliper pistons are machined to fit specifically to a disc brake caliper and there is no room for error. Brake fluid pressure is applied to the back surface of the piston and this pressure is transferred to the brake pads and then to the disc brake rotor to complete the braking process. In some circumstances disc brake calipers may have two pistons. This is referred to as a dual piston design and they function together to apply an even pressure to the brake pads. The disc brake caliper pistons must travel freely within the caliper housing to accomplish proper braking.

When replacing disc caliper pistons you are conducting a brake caliper rebuild that requires it to be removed from the vehicle before you can begin this procedure. After the car, truck, or SUV is on jack stands and the tire is removed to allow access you can remove the caliper assembly. Calipers are normally held in place with two mounting bolts and you will also be required to remove the brake line. If the piston is frozen within the caliper housing you can use penetrating oil and a C clamp to break it free for removal. Once it is free air pressure may be used to push it out facilitating disassembly of the caliper. Clean the housing completely removing all residue prior to installing the new piston, seal and boot. Use brake fluid to lubricate all of the parts and made sure the piston is line up correctly before applying pressure to it.

Your brake system is essential to proper control of your vehicle during operation requiring disc brake caliper pistons and all brake parts to be the best quality possible. Brake malfunctions are a leading cause of accidents and they can be avoided by conducting proper repairs and preventive maintenance on brake system components. Replacement brake parts must meet or exceed OEM standards like the parts available at Car Parts Discount. Properly functioning brakes are required to provide safe travel and when purchasing disc brake caliper pistons they need to possess integrity and meet application requirements.