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The Suzuki disc brake caliper is the mechanical device that has replaced the wheel cylinder in the disc braking system which performs the action that makes it possible for friction to be created. Every disc brake caliper is made to cover both sides of the brake rotor so an even application of pressure can be applied to the brake pads in the creation of the friction which stops your vehicle. Inside of every Suzuki disc brake caliper is a piston that is forced into action when hydraulic pressure enters the cylinder. This hydraulic pressure is the resulting action of the brake pedal being depressed which moves the piston in the master cylinder that compresses the hydraulic fluid. This conversion of hydraulic pressure to mechanical motion in the disc brake caliper is the principal on which your braking system operates on your Suzuki. The only moving components in the disc brake caliper are the piston and the polymer seal that holds the hydraulic fluid in the system. The piston does not wear out when it is being used, but the polymer seal does become brittle over time and will eventually develop a leak when it cracks. When this happens the closed loop hydraulic system is now open to the atmosphere, and as the brake fluid leaks out air enters the system on your Suzuki. Air compresses significantly more than the hydraulic fluid it is replacing in the system. The differences in the physical characteristics of these two mediums are why the brake pedal feels different when the system has a leak. Until the leaking disc brake caliper is replaced on your Suzuki, the braking power on your vehicle will be negatively affected.