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Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Aftermarket & OEM Disc Brake Conversion Kit

A disc brake conversion kit is a necessary set of components when the front drum brakes on your vehicle are faulty and are no longer are capable of providing the stopping power required for it to be operated safely. This need can be caused by the old parts just being worn out on the vehicle or it has taken on a new role by the owner and a heavier load is being exerted on the front braking system that exceeds the safety tolerances of the older brake system. Without a new set of disc brake conversion kit, the old system will fail and could cause the vehicle to maintain forward progress when it is undesirable.

A disc brake conversion kit consists of all the components necessary for the conversion from a drum style of braking system to disc which is directly mounted to the vehicle. This includes the axle, backing plate brackets and braces along with the nuts and bolts. The materials the disc brake conversion kit are made from as the same high tempered steel as put on by the manufacture on vehicles that are fitted with disc front brakes. This makes it possible for this new system to handle the higher load that is expected on the vehicle when it is being operated.

The old style of drum brake system has to be removed including the axle assembly. With the new disc brake conversion kit mounted securely the next step is the mounting of the braking system itself. The actually calipers will still need to be purchased, of which the type and make is the choice of the owner of the vehicle. To connect the new disc brake conversion kit to the hydraulic system the new brake line from the master to the new disc braking system will also have to be mounted to the vehicle.