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There is a pair of Buick disc brake pads on each front wheel of your car. This is the actual part of the braking system that contacts the rotors and brings your vehicle to a halt. As part of routine maintenance the front disc brake pads on your Buick will need replacing. Since the brake bias on all vehicles made today is set to be twice as powerful in the front as it is in the rear, these pads on the front wear out twice as fast. It is for this reason many technicians inform owners of not only Buicks but other makes of cars that they only need their front disc brake pads replaced when a routine brake job is being performed. If your Buick disc brake pads are changed before you hear the grinding sound of the pad's back plate making contact with the rotor, then the rotor will not have to be turned. The turning is done on a lathe to remove any possible grooves that this contact makes over time. The turning of the rotors can only be done a once or twice before the rotors will become too thin and they would also have to be replaced. To help prevent this, most drivers should be aware of the indication of thinning disc brake pads. This is as simple as observing the changes in the distance the brake pedal travels when force is being applied to it. This distance is really apparent when drum brakes are on the rear of the vehicle. The disc brake pads on your Buick are the actual part that applies the friction to bring your car to a safe and controlled stop. If these are not in good working order, your car could have difficulty in stopping safely.