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The Oldsmobile disc brake pads' ability to create friction against the metal disc rotors without doing damage is one of the reasons this type of braking system is now in use today on the front of all vehicles made by this car manufacturer. The materials that the disc brake pads are constructed from can be asbestos, flaked metals, ceramics (clay and porcelain), or a combination. This material is very strong, but depending on the composition of the friction material heat dissipation and wear on the components will vary. When contact with the metal surface on the rotors is made, the disc brake pads absorb the friction and wears in minute amounts. This is the dust that is present around the disc that can be noticed by the Oldsmobile owner. For an observant Oldsmobile owner, they will be aware it is close to the time of replacing their disc brake pads when the rear reservoir in the brake master cylinder is getting low. The brake fluid that was in the reservoir has now relocated to the brake caliper to compensate for the outward movement of the piston in it. The replacement of the disc brake pads is one of the simplest procedures that can be performed on your Oldsmobile. The brake caliper has to be removed and the old pads taken out. To be able to place the new Oldsmobile disc brake pads in place, the piston in the brake caliper will have to be pushed back in, then the caliper can be mounted over the disc. Since the hydraulic system was not opened, the brake lines will not have to be bled since no air was introduced to the system in this procedure. With the wheel remounted on the disc, the vehicle is ready to go down the road safely again.