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Can I drive without working door handles?

How are you going to drive your car if you can't get in it? The door handle is one part of the car that gets a lot of use and becomes really frustrating when broken. Even though your car will drive and stop fine without functioning door handles, getting in and out of the car can be very awkward and inconvenient especially if it is raining or in front of a crowd of people. Avoid the embarrassment of having to enter from the passenger door and contort over to the driver's seat or lack of security of having to leave your window door to use the interior handle to open to the door from the outside. The good news is that they rarely break but door handles may become rusty, crack, fall off, or be vandalized causing them to be impossible to use. They also may make it so that the car cannot be locked causing more safety and security concerns. If you have any of these troubles, now is a good time to purchase a new door handle.

Door handles are important parts.

New Door HandlesEarly cars may have only half-doors, or no doors at all. As safety became more important and people realized it was safer and more comfortable to have a fully enclosed car with a locking door, a way to open the door had to be found. That is where the door handle came in. Door handles are usually made of steel or plastic. They are sometimes painted or left as black. Many people like to dress them up with chrome or gold covers. There are numerous different styles of door handle that have been produced over the years. These styles are the result of engineering and cosmetic decisions. Some are a type where you grip a handle and push a button with your thumb. Some are a recessed type that you reach underneath and pull up on. Some are a handle that swings off the body when you pull on it. A more modern design does away with the actual handle and is just a push button.

Getting it done.

Changing the outside door handles on a car can be quite a chore. Most likely you will have to remove the interior door panel and reach through to carefully install the new handle making sure that it is attached properly and ready to work. Please see partial instructions below.
  • Carefully remove the interior door panel and any protective items.
  • Disconnect any cables or lines that may attach to the door handle.
  • Unbolt and remove the door handle.
  • Install and bolt in the new handle. Inspect the locking mechanism and hinges.
  • Reattach and cables or lines.
  • Replace the inner door panel.
  • Open and close the door a few times and make sure that the key and lock are working with it.

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Getting into your car in a Dukes of Hazzard-style fashion may look cool and seem fun at first, but it gets old quick. Whether you are trying to get into your classic weekend collector car or your modern daily driver, avoid the awkward maneuvers by picking up a new door handle from! We have a great selection of new aftermarket and some OEM door handles for your car. Great brands like Dynacorn, Dorman, and OER are all available and brand new to give your car door the original appearance and function.