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Aftermarket & OEM Door Latch Striker

If you are experiencing difficulty opening or closing one of the doors on your car, truck, or SUV you may have a defective door latch striker creating this issue. These devices are essential to appropriately securing the door during vehicle operation. In some situations the door may not close correctly and could fly open when you navigate a corner which would create a huge safety issue. These components are also required to be in serviceable condition to allow access to the car. It is essential that this malfunction is corrected immediately for safety purposes. Also, to prevent damage to the door, door latch, and hinges that can require extensive repair requirements.

Door latch strikers are utilized to secure all of a vehicles access points. All of the doors require these devices and they are also incorporated on hoods, trunks, and hatches. They come in a wide variety of different designs to facilitate the required application. Some of them are basically a modified bolt it certain situations. When the latch contacts the striker it secures itself around the device holding the door tightly closed. The door handles function as the linkage devices to release the latch assembly. They work in conjunction with door handle relays, rods, and cables to accomplish this process based on the configuration.

Replacing a door latch striker is normally a relatively simplex procedure depending on the car or truck you are accomplishing this task on. I most situations you will need the appropriate size torx bit to accomplish this mission. It may be screwed into the door pillar assembly and basically have the appearance of a modified bolt that you simply remove and replace. In other applications they resemble a U bolt type construction and are secured utilizing two mounting screws.

Door latch strikers are specific to the application and must be an OEM replacement product to function properly. The quality of these devices is very important because they secure vehicle access points and we depend on them to secure our cars and trucks. Car Parts Discount has a wide assortment of OEM replacement parts to complete repairs such as this one and any other automotive repairs you may encounter.