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There are many ways to dress up a car and one simple cost effective way is with chrome door mirror covers. These are simply cosmetic parts that draw the eye and really make the exterior of the car pop. They can be combined with other accessories such as door handle covers, rear panels, and grilles. You will immediately see the difference once you install any of these parts on your car or truck.

Door mirrors were usually made out of chrome metal up until the 1980s when black plastic or rubber mirrors became more common. By the 1990s, mirrors that were painted body color became the popular thing and for the most part they still are. Many of the luxury manufacturers have gone to offering chrome mirror backings in order to give their cars a more distinguished look. This has led to chrome door mirror covers becoming a popular aftermarket accessory for a wide variety of vehicles. They are usually made from chrome covered plastic and they are designed to stick to the contours of the original mirror.

Installing the door mirror covers is easy for most applications. First, be sure to give the car a thorough washing and let it dry. Make sure that the mirrors are already complete as these covers simply go over the existing cover and do not replace it. The covers will come with a double sided adhesive. Be sure to keep them clean and free of dirt before installing. If you need more adhesive, it should be available from any hardware store. Remove any protective coverings and carefully line up the cover to the back of the mirror. Firmly press the cover into place taking care to not break it. It should hold firmly in place and fit flush with the back of the mirror. Repeat the same steps for the other side of the car.

Car Parts Discount is your go-to source for exterior trim pieces and chrome accents such as door mirror covers. We carry a great variety of covers for vehicles including the Chrysler PT Cruiser as well as luxury brands such as Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. These and all other parts are covered by low prices and our great customer service.