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The Honda door mirror is a cosmetic component of your car that will make maneuvering it in traffic easier, but it will not help it to perform better. On most newer models there is one on each of the front doors. The door mirror is not a component that will wear out over time unless its movements and adjustments are power assisted. In that case, the driver of a Honda manipulates the position of the glass with a small electrical motor or servo that could eventually wear out. In the past some had a simple cable on them that could also break over time. When it comes time to replace the door mirror because of the power assistance in adjusting the angle is no longer functioning, then the testing of the power supply should be the first step. If you have power to the electrical motor but it refused to move, then replacement is warranted. Electric motors do wear out over time and are generally the faulty component in this type of repair. If replacement has to occur then the battery should be disconnected so there is no possibility of an electrical shock. Before you disconnect the battery place the glass portion of the window in the upper most position. This will give you access to the Honda door mirror and its mounting bolts. With the removal of the inner door panel on your Honda, access to the door mirror and all of its components is possible. When loosening the mounting bolts make sure the door mirror is secured or someone is holding it. The last thing you want to do is to drop the old mirror and scratch the finish on your Honda. With the new cosmetic component do a reverse of the procedure you did to remove it and you will be ready to finish this simple process of replacing the mirror on your door.