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GMC Door Weatherstrip Seals

When in place and functioning properly, GMC door weatherstrip seals will make a noticeable improvement to your van or truck's appearance and ability to seal the passenger and cargo compartments. It is the seals that prevent the banging of the metal to metal when the door is closed and water from getting in.

It doesn't matter if you are carrying passengers, merchandise, or cargo; it is important to keep the interior of your GMC truck separated from the elements outside. That is where new door weatherstrip seals come into effect. If they need to be replaced, you will notice the whistling of the air as you drive as well as water leaking in if it rains or snows.

The process for replacing the door weatherstrip seals on your GMC truck is very simple. The first step is to totally remove all of the old seal and adhesive it was attached with. This surface should then be cleaned with soap and water and allowed to dry before the new seal is attached. When it is being applied, only remove a small portion of the backing from the adhesive side at a time and firmly put the door weatherstrip seal in place on your GMC truck. This will give you not only better control over its placement but better adhesion to the metal.

Select Your ModelIt is a fact that over time all door weatherstrip seals will wear out, becoming smashed, torn, or just have sections missing. This causes the doors to bang when closed or not seal properly. This gives the impression that the truck is old and not maintained very well. To help change this, there are GMC door weatherstrip seals offered for both large and small truck in this line of vehicles.