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The polymer Pontiac door seals help to keep dirt and debris as well as a lot of noise out of the passenger compartment when traveling down the road. Just like all components made of polymer on your Pontiac, they will wear out over time and require the owner to decide if they want to make a small investment to replace them.

The first indication that the door weatherstrip seals are worn and should be replaced is when the Pontiac door is closed and a noise from the metal to metal contact can be heard. It is the door weatherstrips that prevented this before, but it is no longer there to perform this duty.

The Pontiac door weatherstrip seal runs the circumference of the area on the door that makes contact with the body of the vehicle. It appears to be solid but there it is hollow channel in the interior of it. This permits it to easily be squished between these two metal components without breaking or creaking instantly. The problem arises when the polymer begins to dry out from the rigors of age and time. As this occurs, the area where the greatest level of stress being placed on the door seals generally crack and then fall off. The entire seal does not fall off at once, just sections of it.

Select Your ModelAt a time chosen by the Pontiac owner, the door weatherstrips can be replaced. The removal of the entire seal along with the adhesive is required. The final step of the cleanup process should include the area where the new seal is to be placed to be wiped with an alcohol. This will remove even the smallest amount of dirt and debris that is not visible to the eye but will impair the new adhesive from making the best possible seal as possible.