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Aftermarket & OEM Drive Belt Idler Pulley

There are a several small components on our cars, trucks, and SUVs that don't receive proper credit for all that they accomplish; the drive belt idler pulley is near the top of that list. This device makes sure that the belts distribute power to several accessory components. If it is faulty, then it affects all the accessory systems we depend on. One of the key indicators for early detection of a defect is a strange winding noise coming from the drive belt area of your engine. If the situation is not corrected it will lead to drive belt failure that disables the vehicle completely. When this happens during vehicle operation the potential damage is very extreme because your drive belt provides the required motion for several accessories. Your power steering will cease to function and make it almost impossible to steer, and the air conditioning will stop working properly. Depending on the automobile make and model, it may immediately begin to overheat all at the same time. If a drive belt pulley is not replaced at the earliest sign of potential failure it can have some dangerous outcomes. If proper repairs are not completed it can develop unsafe conditions for yourself and your passengers.

Drive belt idler pulleys are mounted to the drive belt tensioner assembly and distribute the correct pressure to secure the drive belt. This pulley is what the drive belt depends on to function properly. This allows the drive belt to move freely and power several mechanical components. The drive belt allows your power steering, air conditioner and air pump to function as they should on most vehicles. On some cars and trucks it may also drive the radiator fan. The different functions of the drive belt pulley vary based on the specific application.

Replacing a drive belt pulley is something that can be accomplished with a minimum amount of frustration in most cases depending on the vehicle.
  • Start by locating the pulley which is mounted to the drive belt tensioner.
  • Remove any obstructions or components required to give you a clear path to work and remove the drive belt if it is still there. Depending on how the pulley is secured you may have to remove the tensioner to replace it. In some cases you may be able to unbolt it easily.
  • Examine the tensioner for proper operation before installing the pulley. This is also a good opportunity to install a new drive belt.
  • Make sure all components are correctly secured and the drive belt is lined up with all accessories successfully before starting the engine.
  • Recheck the installation of the drive belt pulley and belt tension to insure it is secured.

Correct quality replacement parts are essential to proper repairs and a drive belt pulley is definitely not an exception to this rule. OEM parts made to correct specifications are what make repairs reliable and our vehicles dependable. Car Parts Discount is a reliable source for all replacement part requirements. CPD raises the bar when it comes to quality, service, and price for any car parts you need. Drive belt pulleys do a lot more work then we give them credit for and must be the absolute best quality we can depend on to get us from point A to point B.