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Ford Drive Belt Tensioner & Pulley

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It is the Ford drive belt tensioner and pulley that removes the need to periodically tighten your drive belt when you have a serpentine belt system on your engine. The drive belt tensioner and pulley is a spring loaded auto part that will apply an even amount of pressure against the belt so all of the components connected to it will be able to receive this centrifugal power. When the drive belt tensioner and pulley fails on your Ford, the components on the front of your engine (alternator, A/C compressor, water pump, and power steering pump to name a few) will not be able to receive sufficient rotational force to function as designed. In some instances the belt might not even turn them at all. This is when the replacement of your Ford drive belt tensioner and pulley is required. The replacement of this pulley can be accomplished by the owner of the vehicle. By relieving the pressure off of the belt it can then be removed. This is done with a socket and brake bar used to move the pulley. Then simply remove the drive belt tensioner and pulley from the engine by taking out the mounting bolts. On most models of Ford, this component is easily accessed and can be done without having to remove other parts like radiator shrouds or hoses. If you feel more comfortable removing an item just remember where it goes and make sure you put it back in place once the replacement of the pulley is completed. The new drive belt tensioner and pulley should already be set with the appropriate amount of tension so the belt can just be placed back on your Ford engine and you are done with this repair job.