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The Acura accessory drive belt is the auto part that connects all of the components on the exterior of your engine supplied with kinetic power. The serpentine is simply the all in one belt that drives the alternator, fan, water pump, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor along with any other device your Acura has that required an exterior circular drive. The main difference between the many types of drive and serpentine belts are their lengths and widths they are made into. It is because of the different positions of the many components that are driven by the belt on the front of the engines. The 15 different models of Acura cars have the many accessories in different places and the reason for so many different belts. One of the nice characteristics of the serpentine belt for the Acura is that the tension on the belt is maintained by a serpentine tensioner. This is an automatic device that will make the correct adjustments to the tension on the belt over its life time. There is a head bolt on this tensioner that is used by a professional mechanic to ensure the tension is being applied correctly. It is also used to move the tensioner so the belt can easily be replaced. The suppliers of the 151 different quality drive belts today include Gates, Contitech, Bando, and Dayco, but new manufacturers are always joining this business sector. The Acura models that need an accessory drive or serpentine belt include all models made to date from this manufacturer. Each Acura drive and serpentine belt is made specifically for the model and year of your car so reliable performance of the engine can be counted on.