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American Motors Drive & Serpentine Belt

The power provided by the American Motors Drive and Serpentine Belt is generated by the rotation of the engine. The drive and serpentine belts make it possible to transfer this centrifugal motion from the harmonic balancer to the accessory components on the front of your American Motors engine.

The drive and serpentine belts are constructed of a reinforced polymer that makes it possible to have lateral strength and a long life. The only difference in them is the number of belts in the drive system on your vehicle. The drive belt system utilizes many belts; usually each component has its own one. The serpentine belt system uses just one belt to provide power to all of the necessary components.

The inspection of the drive and serpentine belts are the exact same. The inspector or owner of the American Motors vehicle looks at the condition the belts are in. Excessive cracking, fraying and splitting of the belt are signs the belts are worn and should be replaced. This inspection should be part of the routine inspection of the components under the hood that is conducted on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

The replacement of the American Motors drive and serpentine belts are basically the same. The tension on the belts has to be lessened so the belts can be slipped off of the pulleys. With the serpentine belt system there is a tensioner that has to be moved. On the drive belt systems, the components have to be loosened to remove the belts.

If the drive and serpentine belts on your American Motors vehicle is permitted to wear out and break, the alternator, water pump and other components driven by this system will no longer be able to function stranding the vehicle where it occurs.