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With the introduction of the Audi drive and serpentine belt, changing of this critical auto part is now made simple. There is a nut on the serpentine tensioner on which a wrench or socket can be placed. By turning it clockwise, the pressure will be released from the belt and it can be removed. Replacing the accessory drive belts is the same process but in reverse. This easy of interchanging an old one for a new one is just one of the many reasons the engineers at Audi and other car manufacturers have switch the drive systems on their vehicles to this type of configuration. The space used up by the use of just one serpentine belt under the hood is another advantage of this type of device. In the past there could have been up to 5 different belts on an engine to provide kinetic energy to the accessories on the front of it. Many of them, like the power steering belt, were very inaccessible that made changing this particular belt time consuming. Since the Audi drive and serpentine belt are now being used on all models, the periodic maintenance of this auto part has had its time reduced significantly. The inspection of the serpentine belt on your Audi is the same as in the past with the multiple drive belt system. Both sides of the belt need to be viewed for any visible sings of wear. This wear can be in the form of a crack, split or a portion of the belt missing. On most of the drive belts, they have multiple treads like a car tire. This is the place that will show wear and if it is time for the part to be replaced on your Audi.