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The use of the Buick drive and serpentine belt is one of many advancements now incorporated on most vehicles manufactured today. This single belt system on the front of your engine replaces the old style multiple belt system used on most cars made before the mid 1980's. Buick was not the first auto maker to utilize this technology, but the serpentine belt is now standard equipment on all models made today. The reasons for the change to this style of belt system include a more efficient transfer of kinetic power to the accessories that are mounted on the front of the engine. This is the system that connects the power steering pump, AC compressor, alternator and water pump to the pulley on the crankshaft which provides the movement of the accessory drive belt. Because there may only one belt on your Buick, inspection and replacing of this all important auto part should be done regularly which is simpler and quicker than ever before. An inspection of the drive and serpentine belt is done by looking for cracks, fraying and pieces of the belt missing on either surface of the belt. While minute cracks are normal, too many of them or they have become too large and long would case the belt to break and leave you stranded on the road. The tension of your Buick drive and serpentine belt is applied by the serpentine tensioner. This device is basically a spring that applies the correct amount of force against the accessory drive and serpentine belts so all of the accessories can receive this rotating kinetic energy without damaging the bearings the pulleys on the accessories are mounted to. The replacing of this auto part on your Buick should be done routinely to help keep your vehicle riding down the road instead of on the back of a tow truck.