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The kinetic energy of your engine is what drives your Cadillac drive and serpentine belts so the accessories on the front of your vehicle will have the required power to operate. New Cadillac engines will have an all in one belt system that has replaced the older style multiple accessory belt system that were so common on past models. Today's drive and serpentine belts are wider than belts in the past which provides for a better grip on the pulleys each accessory has on them. The list of pulleys on the front of your engine include the power steering and water pump along with the A/C compressor and alternator to name a few. The tension of your Cadillac drive or serpentine belt is automatically regulated by a serpentine tensioner. This will apply the correct amount of pressure to the accessory drive belt continuously so the belt never has to be adjusted or tightened like in the past. Inspection of the serpentine belt on your Cadillac is done in the same fashion as belts from the multiple accessory drive belt system except now there is only one belt to inspect and access to the entire belt can be done from the top of the engine. If the belt has cracks, splits or chunks missing that impact the integrity of the drive or serpentine belt, it should be replaced. This process of replacing the old one now only requires about 5 minutes before your car is ready to be driven. This is due to that no adjustments in the tension of the belt is required. This limited time required for this job to be completed will help to get you back behind the wheel of your Cadillac quicker than ever before so you can go on with your life.