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Chevrolet Drive & Serpentine Belt

Chevrolet Straight Truck - Low Crew Cab Drive & Serpentine Belt
Chevrolet Straight Truck - Low Tilt Drive & Serpentine Belt
The use of the Chevrolet drive and serpentine belt became standard equipment in the mid 1980's. Before that time all drive belts were of the multi-belt type system. Both types of systems show the same type of wear and the need for replacement, but the serpentine belts is a single belt and requires less time for such a repair job to take on your vehicle. The accessory drive and serpentine belt system is now standard on all Chevrolets. This all in one belt provides the kinetic power to every component on the front of the car with the proper force necessary for it to function. The tension of your Chevrolet drive and serpentine belt is applied by the serpentine tension. This simple pulley, which is spring loaded removes the necessity for periodic belt tightening like the other system requires. This set up makes it impossible for the belt to be too tight and cause premature wearing of the bearings on the accessories like on the alternator. The inspection of the drive belts on your Chevrolet engine is similar to the older system of V belts. One would look for cracks, fraying and pieces missing from the belt. All of those would indicate that the belt should be replaced sooner rather than later. To help Chevrolet owners in replacing this system on their vehicle, there is a diagram on the bottom side of the hood or on top of the radiator that shows the proper placement of the drive or serpentine belts for their vehicle. This way all of the pulley can have the correct power in the right order and the replacement of this part can be done correctly.