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Dodge Drive & Serpentine Belt

The centrifugal movement of the Dodge drive and serpentine belt systems on your car is an important power supply for many components. The drive belt system has a separate belt for each component on the front of the engine. The serpentine belt uses only one belt to drive all of the components on the front of the engine. The accessory drive and serpentine belts perform the same function and are inspected in an identical manner on your Dodge vehicle. The owner of the car or truck can look for fraying, splitting or pieces of the belts missing during this inspection. Small shallow cracks are common, but large ones or any other form of wear is an indication the drive and serpentine belts should be replaced. Of the Dodge drive and serpentine belts, it is the new serpentine which is the easiest to change on your Dodge. To accomplish this task all the owner of the vehicle has to do is remove the tension on the belt by moving the serpentine tensioner with a wrench or socket. On the drive belt system, each component connected to the belt will have to be loosened individually for replacement to occur. The time required for the drive and serpentine belts being changed is over an hour for the drive belts but only 5 minutes for the serpentine type. The importance of the drive and serpentine belt systems on your Dodge can not be understated. The supply the power to the power steering pump, AC compressor, water pump, alternator and on older models the air pump is supplied by this belt system. If any of these components fail to receive this centrifugal power, your vehicle will not operate properly.