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There is either a Ford drive or serpentine belt system under the hood of your car or truck. This is the power supply that provides the centrifugal force the accessories on the front of your engine require so they can function. The difference in the drive and serpentine belt systems is obvious if you look under the hood. The serpentine is a one belt system that drives all of the components. The drive belt system uses multiple belts to accomplish this same task. Of the Ford drive and serpentine belts, it is the serpentine system that is now in use on most models being built today. The advantages of this on your Ford include no more need to periodically tighten the belt and the contact point of the drive power is wider. The inspection of the drive and serpentine belt systems is the same on your Ford. This is looking for cracks, fraying or pieces of the belt missing over its entire length. This will require the drive and serpentine belts to be rotated so the inspector can view all section of this system. It is done best from on top of the Ford motor where the light is best. Replace of the drive and serpentine belts are different. The serpentine belt has one pressure point. This is the serpentine pulley. Once the pressure is released the entire belt can be removed. The drive belts are individually connected to each component in most instances and the component has to be loosened at generally three points before the belt can be removed and replaced. The two belt systems are not interchangeable because of their designs. The system you have on your engine is the style you will have to keep for the life time of your vehicle.