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All of the accessories are powered by the Honda drive or serpentine belt on your engine. The belt system you have under the hood of your Honda uses centrifugal force to spin pulleys so the many other necessary items can receive power in an efficient way. The determination of just which system you have on your vehicle is known by looking at it. The only different in appearance of the drive and serpentine belt systems is the number of belts it has. The drive is a multi-belt system while the serpentine system consists of only one belt. The power for both the drive and serpentine belts is generated from the rotation of the engine. This power is transferred to the belts from the crankshaft pulley that has the harmonic balancer on it. It can be found in the lower center on the front of the Honda engine. Inspection of the Honda drive and serpentine belt systems is exactly the same. The belts themselves have to be visually inspected in their entirety. This inspection has to determine if there are any cracks or pieces missing from the belt or it is being to fray. If any of these conditions are noticed, the replacement of the drive or serpentine belts is warranted. The replacement of these belts systems is different. The serpentine belt has its tension being applied in just one location. The drive bets each have their own tension. Regardless, however, the tension on the belt that is to be removed must be released so the belts can slip over the pulleys and replaced. If either the drive or serpentine belts are allowed to fail, your Honda will not be able to function properly and you could become stuck on the road where it breaks.