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There is a Hyundai drive or serpentine belt system on the front of your engine. The way to distinguish the difference between the two is done by counting the number of belts that drive the accessories on the front of your engine. The drive belt system has multiple belts while the serpentine system only has one. Inspecting the drive and serpentine belt systems is done the same way, and involves the actual looking at the belts for any kind of wear. This can and should include the noticing of any fraying, cracks and pieces of the belt missing. If these are noticed, then replacement is advisable on your Hyundai. The replacement process for the Hyundai drive and serpentine belts is basically the same. The tension on the belts has to be slackened so they can slip off of the pulleys. With the serpentine belt, this is done by moving the tension pulley. The drive belt system is more complicated because each component that is driven by the belt has to be loosened. Once the tension has been removed from the drive or serpentine belts, they can be readily removed and replaced on your Hyundai vehicle. If this periodical maintenance is not done regularly, the engine will not be able to operate because most of the components that are powered by these belts (the water pump, alternator, power steering pump, A/C compressor) make it possible for the engine to operate the way you have come to expect. There are no replacements for the drive or serpentine belts on your Hyundai except for an actual belt. It is true that a long time ago a pair of pantyhose could drive the water pump for a short period of time. But that only worked for a few miles to help get the car to a repair shop where the correct auto part can be purchased and installed on your vehicle.