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The centrifugal power on your engine is transferred from one pulley to another by the Infiniti Drive and Serpentine Belts your vehicle is equipped with. The drive or serpentine belts on your Infiniti are constructed of a reinforced polymer so they can last for many years and still function as they were designed too.

By looking under the hood of the Infiniti the owner will know instantly if they have a drive or serpentine belt system on their vehicle. The drive belt system utilizes multiple belts to drive the accessories with centrifugal power. The serpentine belts system only utilizes one for all power supply needs of the components on the front of the engine.

Both the Infiniti drive and serpentine belts are constructed of reinforce polymer but in time will eventually be in need of replacement. To know when this routine maintenance is required, the owner should know how to inspect the drive or serpentine belts system on their vehicle. This is accomplished by looking at the belt itself and noticing if there are any deep cracks or splitting in it. If there is any of these conditions present on the belting system on your Infiniti, it is in danger of breaking and should be replaced in a very short allotment of time.

To replace either the drive or serpentine belts on your vehicle, the tension on the belt has to be removed. For the vehicles equipped with the serpentine belt, there is a belt tensioner pulley that can be moved to relieve this tension. Replacement of the belt only takes 5 minutes at most. For the drive belt systems, each component it is connected to will have to be loosened at mounts. This can over an hour or more on some models.