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The composition of the Isuzu Drive and Serpentine Belt component on your vehicle is of reinforced polymer. This reinforcement in the drive and serpentine belts provides not only strength for it, but extends the lifespan so it can provide its service to the owner of the Isuzu for an considerable period of time.

Under the hood of your Isuzu is the drive or serpentine belt system that transfers the centrifugal power of the engine to the components that require it to operate. The Isuzu drive or serpentine belts should be regularly inspected for cracks, splitting and fraying. By the owner of the vehicle knowing the current condition of this and other polymer components under the hood, a breakdown on the road during a trip can easily be avoided.

The replacement of the drive or serpentine belts is slightly different from one another. The drive belt system has multiple belts in it which requires the component it drives to be loosened from its mounting points. The serpentine belt system has one point of tension that is provided by the tensioner pulley. The pressure this pulley places on the belt has to be relieved so the single belt can be replaced.

If the drive or serpentine belt system is allowed to wear out causing one or more of them to break, the components on the front of your Isuzu engine will no longer be able to operate. Components like the water pump and alternator receive their power from this belt system and will no longer function. This will make the vehicle no longer capable of operating until a repair of this or these components are made.