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The power supplied by the Jaguar Drive and Serpentine Belt systems makes it possible for the centrifugal force to be utilized by other components on your vehicle. A drive or serpentine belt system is connected to each or all of the pulleys mounted on the front of components located in the forward section of the Jaguar engine's exterior.

Each of the drive and serpentine belts are made from a strong reinforced polymer composite. This material is made to not only be strong but flexible that will last for a long period of time. Since this engine compartment is located in then engine compartment, it is constantly exposed to heat and oils given off from the power plant under the hood of your Jaguar. This places stress on the drive and serpentine belts causing them to wear. The exact type of wear experienced by these auto parts include cracking, fraying and splitting of the polymer material they are constructed from. When any of these wear indicators are noticed, the replacement of the belts is warranted before they break.

To help prevent the accidental breaking of the Jaguar drive or serpentine belts when the vehicle is in motion on the road, most owners complete a periodic inspection of the polymer components under the hood of their vehicle. This inspection is done either bi-weekly or monthly. This is the best plan to keep your Jaguar in operational condition.

The replacement of either the drive or serpentine belt only requires that the tension on the belt is removed. For the serpentine belt this is simple by moving the tension pulley. The drive belt system required the component it is attached too to be loosened on its mounts.