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It is either the Jeep drive or serpentine belt system that provides the means for the water pump and power steering pump, along with the alternator and A/C compressor, to have power. This power is supplied in a centrifugal form and is the most efficient means to provide this necessary energy source. Without it the engine will not be able to operate for any length of time. The only difference between the Jeep drive and serpentine belt systems is the number of belts being utilized by your vehicles engine. Multiple belts are used in the drive system while the serpentine system only has a single belt. The similarities of the drive and serpentine belts system include the way they wear and the manner in which they should be inspected along with the frequency of this inspection on your Jeep. The way to inspect drive and serpent belts is by looking for any type of wear. This includes, but is not limited to, fraying of the belts along with splits and cracks. If any of these conditions are noticed during the inspection, replacement of the drive or serpentine belts is warranted on your Jeep. The replacement of the drive or serpentine belts is similar. The tension has to be removed from the belt so it can slip over the end of the pulley and be taken off. With the one belt system the tension pulley has to be pressed to relive the pressure. On the multiple belt system, each of the components has to be loosened from the lock down position in order to relieve the tension being applied to the belt. This will make it possible for the new belt or belts to be installed on your Jeep so you can go happily down the road.