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There is a Kia drive or serpentine belt system on your vehicle. The age of your car will determine which system you have. The way to identify the drive or serpentine belt system on your Kia is by just looking under the hood of the vehicle and counting the number of belts on the front of the engine. If there is only one then your engine has a serpentine belt system. If there are multiple belts, you have a drive belt system. The inspections for the drive and serpentine belts are identical for a Kia. An observer should look at the belts to see if any signs of wear are present. This wear can be in many forms including fraying, splitting or even chunks of the belt missing. Also, with age all of the grooves on the underside of the belt will start to go flat; ultimately reducing its effectiveness. If any of these are observed, the belt or belts should be replaced. The procedure for replacing the Kia drive and serpentine belts is the same for every vehicle. The tension on the belt or belts has to be relieved so it can be removed from the pulley. The serpentine belt has tension applied by the tension pulley. The drive belts are held tight by the movement of the accessory. The importance of this inspection for both the drive and serpentine belt systems cannot be understated. This is the system that provides power to the water pump and alternator. Both of which must be working or the engine will not be able to run for any extended period of time. This inspection should occur every time your oil is changed so your Kia will be road worthy at all times. It will make it possible for the drive or serpentine belts to be replaced before they fail while the car is on the road.