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The reinforced polymer of the Lexus Drive and Serpentine Belt is what provides the strength and flexibility necessary for this engine component to provide the means to transfer the centrifugal motion from one pulley to another. The drive and serpentine belts are essential engine component on your Lexus and must be in proper operating conditions for the engine to have the ability to run.

When the owner of the Lexus does their routine maintenance checks of the fluid levels, they should also include the polymer components located under the hood. This should include not only the coolant and heater hoses but also the drive or serpentine belts. This should be done since polymers have a tendency to dry out over time when exposed to heat like what the engine is producing when operating. This wear on the drive and serpentine belts will be in the form of cracks, fraying and splitting of the belt itself. If any of these abnormalities are present, the replacement of the belting system should occur in a short allotment of time to prevent a breakdown of the vehicle on the road.

The replace for either the Lexus drive or serpentine belts are similar. The tension that provides the ability of the belts to move the pulleys it is looped around has to be reduced. This makes it possible for the belts to be taken off. On the serpentine belt system the tensioner pulley is moved to reduce this force. On the drive belt systems the mounting bolts for the component it drives has to be loosened.

The only real difference in the drive and serpentine belt system located on a Lexus is the number of belts used in it. The serpentine belt has only one while the drive has multiple belts.