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The flexibility and strength of the Lincoln Drive and Serpentine Belt makes it possible for these engine components to function as expected for extended periods of time on your vehicle. The flexibility of the drive and serpentine belts is provided by the polymer chemistry they are composed of. The strength is from the fibers placed in the polymer as reinforcement so they can be used on your Lincoln for many years of service.

The drive and serpentine belt systems derive their power from the lowest pulley on the front of your Lincoln engine. This is the one connected to the crankshaft of the engine as it protrudes out of the engine block. With the Lincoln drive or serpentine belt looped around this moving pulley, it can supply the centrifugal power requirements of the other components on the front of the engine block.

The friction to supply this power is from the tension placed on the drive and serpentine belts. The drive belts have this tension by manually adjusting each component it is providing the power too. The serpentine belt is a one belt system and has a centralized tensioner pulley that provides the friction to keep the belt tight on the pulleys.

The drive and serpentine belt systems should be regular checked for the amount of wear they have on them. This is done during the visual inspection most Lincoln owner does for the polymer components under the hood of their vehicle either bi-weekly or monthly. In the belt systems the things to look for include deep cracks in the surfaces of the belts or splitting and fraying of the belts. These are indications that the belts are worn and should be replaced before they break.