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The centrifugal momentum of the Mazda drive and serpentine belts are the power source for most of the main accessories on your vehicle. These belt systems are what turn the pumps and compressors so driving can be more enjoyable. The accessory drive belts receive their power from the engine through the crankshaft. The leading difference between the drive and serpent belt systems is the number of belts each one utilizes to provide this alternate power source for your Mazda vehicle. The drive belt system uses many different belts to provide this power. The serpentine belt system only utilizes one belt which is then connected to all of the pumps and compressors on the front of your Mazda engine. What is consistent in the drive and serpentine belt systems is that they both use a durable, reinforced polymer to make these belts. One side is flat, the other has teeth. Because of this the inspection for a faulty part is identical. When cracks, fraying or splits in the belt appear, it should be replaced. The time required to change the drive and serpentine belts is different on your Mazda. Since the serpentine has only one point of tension, once it is released, the belt will just slip off. With the drive belts each component it is connected to must be loosed from its mounting bolts for the belt to be removed. Because of this the drive belts could take up to an hour or more to replace them all or just the inner most belt. The serpentine belt only takes about 1 minute. Of the Mazda drive or serpentine belts, the newer serpentine belts are becoming more popular and found in growing numbers of new models today.