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Mercedes-Benz Car Drive & Serpentine Belt
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With the centrifugal power supplied by the Mercedes-Benz drive and serpentine belts, the auxiliary components on your engine (air conditioning, power steering, electrical generation, etc.) can all be functioning normally. The Mercedes-Benz drive and serpentine belt systems are located on the front of the engine. They receive their power from the rotation of the crankshaft. The only real difference between the drive and serpentine belt systems is the number of belts that are used in them. The serpentine belt system only utilizes one belt to supply power to all of the components mounted on the front of the Mercedes-Benz engine. The drive belt system uses a separate belt for almost every component on the front of the engine. Both the drive and serpentine belt systems are inspected in the same manner. This is possible since the material the bets are made from come from the same source, a reinforced polymer. You can visually inspect your belts by observing the contact side of the belts in their entirety, any cracks, fraying or splits in them can be located. When this inspection is done on a regular basis, it will prevent the Mercedes-Benz from breaking down due to a belt breaking when it is being operated on the road. This inspection of the drive or serpentine belts requires the engine to be rotated so the entire surface area of the belt can be visually seen by the inspector. The belts can also be removed from the Mercedes-Benz engine, but that is more time consuming than just the rotating of the engine. It is true that the removal of the serpent belt only takes about 2 minutes; the drive belts can take up to an hour.