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With either the Mitsubishi drive or serpentine belt system on your vehicle, the important accessory components necessary for your vehicle to run will be supplied with power. This power is supplied by centrifugal motion from the turning of the crankshaft of the engine. Without the drive or serpentine belts supplying the necessary rotational motion, the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and A/C compressor would not be able to perform their necessary functions; such as keeping the engine running, assisting the Mitsubishi driver in maneuvering the vehicle, and cooling the passenger compartment. These vital components should then be regularly inspected to ensure they are in proper working order. The difference in the drive and serpentine belt system is the number of belts that are used to provide the necessary power to the auxiliary components on the front of your Mitsubishi engine. The drive has an individual belt for each component except for the water pump and alternator belt, that one has two components. The serpentine has just one belt that is connected to all of the components on your engine. If the drive or serpentine belts fail and can no longer perform their desired function, the engine will not run as it should... if at all. To help prevent this from occurring so your Mitsubishi will not become stranded on the roadside, an inspection of the drive or serpentine belts should be done on a regular basis. This inspection is to identify any problem with the belts in terms of wear on them like chunks missing, splitting of the belt, or fraying along its edges. If any of these conditions are present then the damaged belt or belts should be replaced. The Mitsubishi drive and serpentine belts are required components of your vehicle. Without them no power from the alternator would be produced or the coolant could not be circulating in the engine.