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It is the Nissan drive or serpentine belt system on your vehicle that will make it possible for the centrifugal movement of the crankshaft to be used to power other components on your engine. Your drive and serpentine belts have to be inspected at regular intervals to make sure that they continue to reliably power the other components on your engine. This inspection is the same no matter what type of belt system you have on your Nissan. It is the identification of any places on a belt that is showing signs of wear. This wear can be the belt actually splitting in two or large cracks that might lead to a breaking of the belt. The leading difference between the drive and serpentine belt systems is the number of belts that are used to supply the centrifugal power to all of the accessory components on the front of your Nissan engine. The drive belt system has multiple belts that are used to supply power individually to the auxiliary components. The serpentine belt system is an all-in-one belt that is connected to all of the components on the front of the engine. The replacement of either the drive or serpentine belts is basically the same on any Nissan. You will first have to relieve the tension on the belt that must be removed. The biggest worry about the Nissan drive and serpentine belt systems is a belt breaking while the vehicle is on the road. With no power to either the alternator or water pump, the engine will not be able to operate for more than a mile or so. Then the vehicle will become stranded along with its occupants. This is why a regular inspection of the drive and serpentine belts is highly recommended.