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Oldsmobile Drive & Serpentine Belt

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Oldsmobile drive and serpentine belts use the immense power created by the rotation of the crankshaft to spin the pulleys on your alternator, water pump and other engine accessories. The centrifugal movement of the harmonic balancer and pulley mounted to the crankshaft is transferred through the drive and serpentine belts so they can bring to life to other Oldsmobile engine components. While a gear system could be established, the use of the drive and serpentine belts as a system is more economical to put into place and easier to maintain. Both the drive and serpentine belts are made out of a reinforced polymer. In time due to the stress and strain these engine components have exerted on them, they tend to wear out. This wear comes in several forms. The belts can become cracked from drying out or begin to fray or split. This is why an inspection of the drive or serpentine belts is periodically required under the hood of your Oldsmobile. If this inspection is not done on a regular basis a belt could snap off and disable your engine while you are on the road. With no power being supplied to the alternator or water pump, the vehicle will not be able to go farther than a couple of miles before it either dies from lack of electricity or overheats. This is an undesirable situation to encounter when driving your Oldsmobile. The replacement of the Oldsmobile drive and serpentine belts is easy and can be accomplished by the owner of the vehicle. All that is needed is to release the tension on the belts and they can be removed and replaced. Then the vehicle is prepared to travel down the road for many more miles to come.