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Harnessing a continuous source of power, the Pontiac drive and serpentine belts can provide the means for the necessary accessories on the front of your engine to operate. The reinforced polymers these belts are constructed of make it possible for them to last years. The drive and serpentine belts get their power from the engine when it is operating. The pulley on the crankshaft is the connection that is the actual driving force behind this centrifugal motion. Without these components on your Pontiac engine, there would be no power to the alternator, water pump or other accessories necessary for the engine to maintain a consistent and comfortable level of operation. Even though the Pontiac drive and serpentine belts are built to last, they will eventually break down and it will be necessary for them to be replaced. To help prevent the snapping of a drive or serpentine belt while the Pontiac is in motion, regularly scheduled inspection of components under the hood is recommended. What should be specially looked for on the drive or serpentine belts are signs of wear. This wear can be in many forms including the cracking of the polymer, or it becoming separated and splitting apart. If any or all of these conditions are found on your drive belts, then they should be replaced before they do snap and disable the Pontiac where it stands. The replacement process for the drive or serpentine belts is straight forward. The tension on the belts has to be removed so it can be taken off of the pulley system. Then the new belts are put into place and the tension reapplied. Remember if there is too much tension placed on the belts, the bearings in the accessories could be adversely affected, especially on the alternator.